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Following a very successful European Brass Band Championships in Birmingham the European Brass Band Association and the local organisers, Brassmusik Skåne, are in full swing preparing for the European Brass Band Championships 2023 to be held in Malmö, Sweden.

Looking back at EBBC 2022 and the amazing days in England filled with top class musical and organisational achievements and an extremely high artistic level among all bands and events, EBBC has once again confirmed its position as the World’s most prestigious band contest.

The trial undertaken in Birmingham, with the changed format, compressing the EBBC and the youth band contest to be held in two intensive days, was received positively by audiences and the bands competing. This has inspired the EBBA and local organisers to consider the format of next year’s event. Having in mind that EBBC 2022 didn’t have bands participating from Denmark, Belgium, Lithuania and Spain and that we all are aiming for a higher future number of countries participating particularly in the Challenge Section and Youth Band Contest, the event in Malmö will be held in the previously known format (set-test-piece championship section Friday, Challenge Section and Championship Section own choice pieces plus Gala Concert on Saturday, and European Youth Brass Band Contest on Sunday). In a constructive meeting between the local organisers and EBBA all possible variants were looked at to see how the schedule could be improved. But taking into account all factors and the number of hours available in a day, it was the clear priority for the local organisers to stick to the three day format originally contracted, presented and previously approved by the EBBA General Meeting with delegates from all member countries.“With the hope that the number of participating bands in the competition will return tonormal, and also create space for additional countries to participate, it has been agreed to maintain the planning that has been published on the event’s website for some time. We are looking forward to welcoming bands and audiences from all around Europe for the event in Malmö next year”, said Bo Winborg, chairman of Brassmusik Skåne.
“EBBA will continue the exciting preparational process with the local organisers in Sweden to follow up the excellent foundation that was laid this year, in the first post-pandemic event, and are looking forward to the cooperation with all stakeholders involved”, said Ulf Rosenberg, president of the European Brass Band Association. 

EBBC 2023 agenda

  • Saturday 29 April // European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) – first gathering
  • Monday 1 May // First performance of music for choir and brass band by Ola Salo with S:t Petri Singers in S:t Petri Church.
  • Tuesday 2 May // Concert att Palladium. TBA.
  • Wednesday 3 May // Finale European Soloist Competition, Palladium, including Concert with EYBB and Award Ceremony.
  • Thursday 4 May // Tribute to Brass with Håkan Hardenberger and Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Malmö Live.
  • Friday 5 May // Opening ceremony, Malmö Town Hall, by invitation only.
  • Friday 5 May // European Brass Band Championships, Malmö Live, Championship section Test Piece.
  • Saturday 6 May // European Brass Band Championships, Malmö Live, Challenge section ownchoice programme incl. set test piece.
  • Saturday 6 May // European Brass Band Championships, Malmö Live, Championship section own choice piece.
  • Saturday 6 May // Grand Gala Concert, Malmö Live and Award Ceremony.
  • Saturday 6 May // Brass Night party.
  • Sunday 7 May // European Youth Brass Band Contest, Malmö Live, Development Section followed by Premier Section.
  • Sunday 7 May // Farewell Concert EBBC 2023 with EYBB and Award Ceremony, Malmö Live.

At the first public gathering, the concert in Petri church, two new works commissioned by Brassmusik Skåne will be premiered. The renowned composer of art music, Britta Byström,will have her work “The Bell Tolls”; premiered, and Ola Salo, front man in the rock group TheArk, will also have a, not yet named, work for choir and brass band premiered.