Qualified players for the semi-final of the 9th European Soloist Competition – Malmö, Sweden

The European Brass Band Association is delighted that 37 soloists entered the 9th European Soloist Competition, and after a close analysis of the 37 video entries, 20 soloists have qualified for the semi-final which will be held in The Cube, Malmö Live on 1 May 2023. In this semi-final, the soloists will play a ten-minute program of their own choice.

EBBAs Music Commission gives the warmest of congratulations to all the entrants. Chair of the Music Commission, Chris King, comments: “The standard was very high, and the entrants should all be very proud of their performances. We feel that the future of brass and percussion playing, and of brass bands, in Europe, is in very good hands.”

Switzerland will be represented with an impressive number of 7 soloists in this round. EBBAs delegate from Switzerland, Jocelyne Moren, comments: “Soloist competitions (and contesting in general) is a very strong tradition in Switzerland. The national Swiss National Solo and Quartet Competition has been a highly popular event for decades and it has given birth to various other solo contests throughout the country. Swiss players, especially young players, have a very competitive spirit and they constantly try to outdo themselves by taking part in several solo contests every year, which in the long run really helps raise the general standard of playing. As a member of the Swiss Brass Band Association, I am very proud that so many Swiss soloists made it to the 2nd round. I wish them success and a lot of fun for the rest of the competition!”

Qualified players to the semi-final, Malmö

First nameLast nameInstrumentRepresenting Country
HolgerSandegaard JohansenCornetDenmark
DanielMarshTenor HornEngland
ThibautDe BondtBaritoneBelgium
WilcoKammingaTromboneThe Netherlands
AdriàCisneros AbrilEuphoniumSpain
TomDe LaetEuphoniumBelgium
DaniekeFaberEuphoniumThe Netherlands
Jonas FlorinElmigerMarimbaSwitzerland

Finale Concert

The three best soloists will take part in the Finale Concert in Palladium, Malmö Wednesday 3 May at 19.00. They will be accompanied by Concord Brass Band conducted by Andreas Hanson.

The finalists will play a concerto for the Finale. Depending on the instruments of the finalists, they will need to prepare;

• Cornet Concerto (Philip Sparke)
• Concerto for Tenor Horn (Gareth Wood)
• Baritone Concerto (Martin Ellerby)
• Trombone Concerto (Edward Gregson)
• Euphonium Concerto (Philip Wilby)
• Concertino for Marimba (Paul Creston)